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The essential Oil spill kit can do more than save you a fine!

For many people and companies one general purpose oil spill kit or oil spill station provides the perfect oil spill response providing you know what to buy.

To know what spill kit to buy all you need to know is what you spill.

Check through the following list of common liquids and note down which ones are used at your work place. Listing the liquids will make sure you have the oil spill kit with the correct mix of oil spill containment and cleanup products.

  1. Fuels and oils (including cooking oils, hydraulic fluids, ‘kero’ based cleaners)
  2. Paints (oil and water based)
  3. 240lt-general-purposeDetergents and cleaning fluids
  4. Acids and Bases (engine coolants, caustic cleaners)
  5. Solvents

By no means an extensive list but it is the old 80:20 rule in action i.e. 80% of what is spilled is probably less than 20 percent of the liquids you could name. So we won’t try to list them all. Instead let’s try and build some really useful spill kits using real life examples: