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Oil Drip Tray
Disposable Oil Drip Tray

Disposable Oil Drip Tray – 5 per pack.

No doubt you have seen an Oil Drip Tray before. But what you may not have seen before is a Disposable Oil Drip Tray.

These absorbent Oil Drip Trays are polypropylene absorbent materials.

The white perforated side is designed to absorb oil and fuel type spills whilst the black underside provides a protective barrier that prevents oil getting to the bench or floor underneath.

The Disposable Oil Drip Tray is incredibly useful:

  • Under motor cars.
  • Under BBQ’s to protect wooden decks. Just be aware they are flammable so best used with gas burners so embers are not an issue.
  • Under fridges.
  • In Ambulance stations.
  • In Fire Brigade Stations.
  • Under Army tanks and all terrain vehicles.
  • As comfort matting when working under vehicles.
  • At the site of a break down.
  • Under generators.
  • Under outboard and inboard boat motors.
  • Under paint tins.
  • On benches under any type of canister or drum you can think of.
  • Available in rolls which can be ‘cut to size’ for larger machinery e.g. conveyor belts, trucks and earth-moving equipment.

In fact almost anywhere a motor is stored or sits for any length of time an absorbent disposable oil drip tray is handy.

Having a disposable oil drip tray means they are easy to position. Just sit them under drip, in a parking bay or place the drum or container directly on top of theoil drip tray to keep the floor and bench clean and dry. Most often vehicles and even drums and canisters are stored in almost the same spot every day so by protecting a relatively small area you can save on a lot of wasted time and money by simply using a disposable oil drip tray.

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